Working with Glass Powder ( free video)

    Firing crushed glass powders on sheet glass leads to dynamic creative possibilities. These include the ability to fine-tune imagery, patterns, and shifts in value and hue.


    Quick Tip: Frit Balls (article)

    Easy to make with Coarse Frit (-0003) and fun to use. This Quick Tip features Opaline (000403), but you can use any of your favorite Bullseye styles for this project.


    Quick Tip: Fritfetti (article)

    Say YES to sprinkles! Make these delightful plates to celebrate the arrival of Spring using frit balls made from Medium Frit (-0002)




    Powder (-0008)
    Multiple Styles

    Coarse Frit (-0003)
    Multiple Styles

    Light Peach Cream Opal

    Medium Frit (-0002)
    Multiple Styles