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    Quick Tip: Raise the Bar on Your Soap Dish

    Add an accent color—and functionality—to your new soap dish with a little help from Bullseye fusible rods!

    We paired Robin’s Egg Blue Opalescent (000161-0030) with Driftwood Gray rod (00132-0576), but you could use any combination.

    The Details

    1. 1. Fuse a 10.5 × 15.5 cm piece of Robin’s Egg Blue on a base of 3mm Clear.
    2. 2. Tack fuse texture with Driftwood Gray rods—choose from two ways:

    Rods for Dots
    1. 3. Make dots by snipping rod into 8-10mm lengths, standing the pieces on end on either a primed shelf or ThinFire (which we especially like for opals). Fire as fast as possible to 1500°F (816°C) for 20 minutes and crash cool and arrange dots in the center of the fused blank.
    2. 4. We tack fused this piece at 1375°F. Remember to anneal for twice the thickness of the thickest area, following the Annealing Thick Slabs chart.

    Rods for Ridges
    1. 5. Cut lengths of rod and arrange them on the blank. Use Glastac Gel sparingly.
    2. 6. We tack fused this piece at 1400°F, again with an annealing cycle for twice the thickness of the thickest area. This higher temperature softens the cut ends of the rod and tacks them securely to the base.
    3. 7. Slump into Soap Dish Mold (8981). The heatwork of this slump firing maintains the tack-fused texture. Again, we anneal for twice the thickness of the thickest area.

    Robin's Egg Blue Opalescent

    Driftwood Gray Opalescent Rod

    Soap Dish Slumping Mold

    Bullseye Classes

    Need a new project? Want to learn how to safely and effectvely use coldworking equipment? Expand your skillset by registering for online and live classes.

    Kilncasting Supplies

    Accucast Aliginate 880

    Vermiculite Box Kit